Don’t miss the private view of Inhabitants tonight! Special vj-projection on the building and after party at the Commercial Tavern.

Also, check  the map – A Spitalfields Walk – for places to visit in Spitalfields this weekend.

  • Inhabitants will be situated in the main living space of the 18th century Huguenot house lived in by renowned Architectural Historian, author and television presenter, Dan Cruickshank.
  • As well as viewing the artwork on show, visitors will get a rare behind the scenes look at the architecture of an historic East End dwelling.
  • In addition to recent works by Gabeler and Douglas, the installation will include several fascinating historical objects and artefacts.
  • The exhibition will be part of ‘A Spitalfields Walk’, a map designed to highlight key events and places of interest in the area that will be open to visitors during the Zoo Art Fair. The map was designed in collaboration with Marianna Kennedy.

  • The private view will take place on Wednesday 15 October from 7-10pm, and exhibition will run from 16 – 21 October 2009. It will be open daily from     12pm – 8pm, or by appointment.

About Inhabitants


Private View: 7 – 10pm, Thursday, October 15th 2009

Dates: 16th – 21st October 2009, open daily from 12pm-8pm, or by appointment.

Address: 15 Elder Street, London, E1 6BT

“I never saw this strange dwelling again. Indeed, as I see it now, the way it appeared to my child’s eye, it is not a building, but is quite dissolved and distributed inside me: here one room, there another, and here a bit of corridor which, however, does not connect the two rooms, but is conserved in me in fragmentary form. Thus the whole thing is scattered about inside me, the rooms, the stairs that descended with such ceremonious slowness, others, narrow cages that mounted in a spiral movement, in the darkness of which we advanced like the blood in our veins.”

Rilke, Notebook of Malte Lourids Brigge

Inhabitants is an exhibition of recent work by Marenka Gabeler and Sarah Douglas situated in the central living area of an original 18th century Huguenot house in Spitalfields. The vivid atmosphere provided by this unusual setting is used as a backdrop to explore notions of the everyday, and the ability of the mundane domestic object or image to deliver one to a space of contemplation.

Made up of paintings, drawings and objects, the installation explores how the personal and emotional significance we ascribe to certain inanimate objects or images allows them to transcend their ordinary physical make-up, becoming sacred, or other. The work on display is concerned with how these objects, as well as fleeting scenes, memories or experiences are able to take hold of the imagination, unlocking and generating an internal symbolic language and narrative.

Through their placement within the dynamics of the living environment, the works become temporary occupants of the house. The installation is organised so that the threshold is dissolved between the internal worlds depicted in the works, and the exterior world of the space itself. When these boundaries are merged and transformed, an alternative psychological space is revealed, where the real and imagined coexist and intertwine. Questions are raised about what is meant by reality; can the past be more real than the present, dreams more tangible than reality?

Inhabitants forms one stop along a route of shows and events taking place in Spitalfields to coincide with Zoo Art Fair, which is this year located in the liberty of Norton Folgate, between Spitalfieds and Shoreditch. Visitors to the fair will be able to continue their art viewing as well as explore other hidden gems from the local area by following the purpose designed map, ‘A Spitalfields Walk’. Made in association with Zoo and other participating spaces, the map details all related events and will be available at the fair.

Marenka Gabeler and Sarah Douglas are both recent graduates from the painting MA at the Royal College of Art. Their work has been widely exhibited and collected. Inhabitants is their first collaborative project.

For further information contact: or  07944986732 or  07789513436

Marenka Gabeler completed an MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art in 2006 with distinction and was awarded the Parallel Prize for Painting. Her projects have taken her on residencies in Japan, Syria and Majorca. Exhibiting internationally, her work is held in high profile collections such as Alison Jacques Gallery, Caldic Collection and Torch Gallery, the Netherlands. In 2008 she was awarded Boise Travel Scholarship, with which she travelled to Indonesia. Exhibitions include: Longstories II, Torch Gallery, Amsterdam 2008; Solo Show, Museum of Installations, London 2008; Videoapartment, Dublin 2007 and Art Cologne Majorca 2007. Marenka Gabeler lives and works in London and Delft.

Sarah Douglas completed an MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art in 2005 with distinction and was selected by Art Review Magazine as one of the year’s top 25 graduates. Since then she has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally, and her work is held in several high profile collections including Deutsche Bank, London and the Joslyn Art Museum, US. Recent exhibitions include: Paperview, John Jones Project Space, London 2009; Metro-Land, Flora Fairbairn Projects, Merriscourt Farm, Oxfordshire 2009; ArtSway Open 08, ArtSway, Hampshire and the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2007. Sarah Douglas lives and works in London.