Concept Dinner

Caroline Hobkinson made the most wonderful dinner!  She is know for doing pop-up restaurants with conceptual food and for Sarah and my show she helped to create a meal inspired on the work. Elements from Sarah’s drawings, such as butterflies and turtles inspired the starter: spicy beetroot soup with home-made buns in the shape of turtles and butterflies. A series of paintings that I inspired on Velazquez ‘Prince Balthazar Carlos as a hunter’, made us choose hare for the main dish, seated in a bed of savoy cabbage. And somehow the classic food of hare and winter vegetables suited the historical domestic setting of the exhibition. Dessert was inspired on an installation piece Sarah had created out of her painting combined with two red Bhutanese penis sculptures that belong to the house. So we served warm apple with inside dried fruits, cinnamon and marzipan together with home baked biscuits in the shape of erect penises. The dinner felt very Sophie Calle and also reminded of  The Dinner Party by Mona Gardner.


Mad as a Hare


Penis Biscuits


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